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Marelsa - The Erotic Night :iconarts-of-mary-sanders:Arts-Of-Mary-Sanders 2 1
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   Commission Sketch   I Wont Let It Go   Elsa  By Do by Arts-Of-Mary-Sanders

   That day was the worthiest day for her to remember. Her wedding night.
   Meanwhile the crowded and bustle wedding party was happening, he carried her in his arms to their own room only for the perfect night of the groom and bride. At about half past ten, the party was finally over. It was ok and enough private for the groom and bride. Their room was decorated so beautiful and sparkling, and it was covered by the pink; the bedding was sweet and fragrant. 
   He squeezed her towards the bed. Elsa punched his back: "Take it easy Marcus, let me just have a bath first." 
   He replied romanticly: "Shall we... have a bath together?"
   She coddled: "Nope, you first, and then it's my turn.
   He couldn't wait until he could see her appetizing and sexy stuff. Gentlely, he kissed her forehead and cuddled: "This time you must obey me. You're my wife." But he thought again. "Just be patient. I want to reserve her body, minutes later it will "taste" better." 
   Or maybe she isn't familiar with his penis?
   "Anyway, I'll bathe first." he said.
   *         *
   Twenty minutes later, she came out the bathroom, wearing a nightdress, tie of the dress was pretty thin and slight, makes her pair of nipples shown a little bit. Her nightdress was too short, so he could see her smooth white thigh, each of her step of walking makes the skirt "flew" lightly. He contemplated her sexual beauty, madly in love.
   When she came closed to him, he hugged her tightly, squeezed her, gave her the kisses of true love that she had never felt before. She a little bit rattled, closed her eyes uncomfortablely, but seemed like she was dedicating her body to him. He slowly undressed her nightdress, and so only her fresh-pink underpants. An ivory body appeared towards his eyes. He observed its beauty: her breasts overhang, was perfectly round, full of power of vitality, shrinked at her waist, then traced a circle at her round butts. Her skin was smooth-white and a little chubby, sweet-smelling, every parts of the body sexually excited him to kiss, to bite. The thin underpant contained her lovely and provocative pussy. Her thigh closed shyly. 
   She gave him a shyly stare as she crossed her slender arms. She didn't know this was an act that makes her pregnant, an act that proves the true love. Before, she was only sitting in her room, learnt to control her magical power in public. She had never tasted the taste of sexual love. 
   He gentlely whispered to her ears: "We're having fun..."
   "Lust?" she thought.
   "...I'll give you love pleasure tonight, I promise. So don't be afraid." 
   She nodded docilely, obeyed his order.
   He kissed on her blonde braided hair, her face, her rosy lips, then finally on her neck. Her arms round-up, hugging my neck, seemed like she was started to be aroused. He kissed her shoulder with dust of freakles, massaged and kissed her breasts, protruding just like they were waiting for someone to suck. The breasts were symmetrical, even their measurement was perfectly enough fit for a Miss contest. Two fresh-pink nipples was so big and engaging, makes him had to lick it repeatedly. His arms fingered, fondled her body disorderly, until he noticed that her underpant was a little bit wet, that makes him revved up. Suddenly, he tore off the underpants. A bland, cute engaging pussy with blond fur at the top. He could not control his intent mood. Quickly, he kissed from her breasts down to her slender waist, then stopped at the top of the pussy. The blonde fur was so curly. He kissed it many times, kissing and fondling. His mood was too much hotter and more intent.
   "No, don't... It is really dirty..." she said, as she was moaning.
   "No, it's tasty." he smiled as he stopped licking and raised his head.
   He opened her pussy edge and lick everywhere, every part. She closed her eyes, waiting to be aroused, then suddenly writhed in sexual desire, a groan escaped from her lips, she was coming, the oily liquid came out her pussy hole. He just licked the pussy continuely, as she moaned as his and her sexual desire increased. Maybe she had learnt how to be horny, as she grabbed his head and pushed it into her pussy: "Oh gosh, I... I... can't... control... that... Do... it... more..."
   He gave her body a long passionate kiss from her neck to her small navel. He undressed his underpant, showing his black, big penis. She was afraid to look at it, as she masked her face. His strong arm with muscles hugged her, his penis touched her pussy and whispered to her ears: "Everything will be OK, Elsa. It won't make you painful. Just hold it." She shaked her head shyly. He encouraged: "Just try. I know it's your first time. Just hold it and let it in yours." 
   Maybe her fear decreased. She held the unfamiliar penis and put it near the pussy hole. His penis touched the hole again then he pressed the penis hardly into, moving continually.
   "Ouch..." she moaned as she pawed his back. He could even feel her pain. Blood came out her pussy hole. And of course that wasn't menses. 
   Her hymen was over. 
   He kissed on her hair, lips again and whispered: "It is over now babe. Now it's our REAL fun. That was only the beginning."
   He bent down, used a sheet of paper he had prepared, wiped the virgin blood to make it as a memorable memory.
   Then, he licked her pussy one more time, make the pussy more comfortable, ready for the real fun. She was aroused again. This time, she held his penis herself. But she didn't put it inside her pussy. Instead, she strongly licked and fondled it. Her husband's penis was so familiar and cute to her now. He lied down, closed his eyes to enjoy her mild, sweet lips and her tongue "searching" everywhere. He was nearly coming, his robust body became hard. She noticed this, and still "joked" with his penis. She scratched slightly at the top of it. She liked it when he screamed loudlier in pleasure. She put all the penis into her mouth. It was too big for her, but it tasted so tasty. He could not control it anymore. He roared just like a lion, a white liquid gushed out of the top of his penis. She was curious. She hadn't seen this kind of liquid before. While she was staring at it, he gave her a gentle smile: "It's sperm, Elsa."
   He fondled her hair. Maybe she liked his sperm. She licked it everywhere, she could not waste it, she could not let any of it exist. The image of her just make his sperm came out more and more, and it stuck on her face. He was pleased, and so is she. She was happy to see her husband in pleasure. She loved him very much.
   Suddenly, he crossed her thought, squeezed her towards the bed again. He put it inside her pussy containing full of oily liquid. He moved, moved and moved, that oily liquid came out more continually. She moaned: " please honey..."
   He was too excited. Seemed like he was stuck in the desire now, and could not escape. And so did she. He recoiled his penis stronglier, faster just like the power circuit. Sperms gushed into her pussy.
   "Ow!" she moaned contently.
   They finally had a perfect and romantic wedding night, more than their desire.
   He didn't dissapoint her at all. He had broke her hymen with the sexual pleasure and happiness of her. 
   And maybe, the next fun will bring more pleasure than this.
   ~   The End   ~
Marelsa - The Erotic Night
The wedding night of Marcus and Elsa... in my view... ^^
Old request on a porn story by :iconqueenelsafan2015: queenElsafan2015.
Art cover by :icondoucheetah: DouCheetah


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